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March 26th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

Wind Chill Poster

in: Horror

Wind Chill Poster

The problem with using a tagline like “There are worse things than dying” is that some smartass (like me) is bound to respond with “Yeah, like watching this movie”.

Besides that, the rest of the poster doesn’t do much to make this look interesting, does it? Basically what you can tell from it is that the movie will be some sort o terror story about a woman being terrorized by something, and that the setting will probably be somewhere cold. Very generic so far.

And the poster doesn’t even look that good. The whole white-black-blue color scheme is not very interesting, at least not as it is used here.

The movie opens in April, so I’m guessing this will be the final poster. Well, maybe the trailer is great?

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