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April 9th, 2007 at 12:12 pm

The Weekend At The Boxoffice

Blades of Glory – $23,000,000
Blades of Glory Poster (Small)

Meet the Robinsons – $17,004,000
Meet the Robinsons Poster (Small)

Are We Done Yet? – $15,000,000
Are We Done yet Poster (Small)

Grindhouse – $11,591,000
Grindhouse Poster (Small)

The Reaping – $10,080,000
The Reaping Poster (Small)

300 – $8,825,000
300 Poster (Small)

Wild Hogs – $6,838,000
Wild Hogs Poster (Small)

Shooter – $5,800,000

Shooter Poster (Small)

TMNT – $4,935,000
TMNT Poster (Small)

Firehouse Dog – $4,000,000
Firehouse Dog Poster (Small)


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