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May 26th, 2007 at 5:55 pm

New International Transformers Posters

Optimus Character Poster

My main worry about the Transformers movie was that they wouldn’t be able to make the robots look right. The trailers, posters and photos I have seen so far have assuaged me of that fear. These new posters bring some of it back tough.

To me, the robots look strange in these new ones. The faces just don’t seem to fit together right. I think it is in great part because of the eyes, which seem off. And yes, the teeth in Megatron are weird.

Will we be able to empathise with those things? I don’t know. But since the rest of the material has been so good, I’m still cautiously optimistic.


Megatron Character Poster
Bumblebee Character Poster

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