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July 8th, 2007 at 1:01 pm

Hitman Teaser Poster

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Hitman Teaser Poster

So, this Hitman thing, I understand it’s some sort of electronic game that the young people are playing nowadays?

I’m so clueless about modern games it’s not even funny. And I know nothing about Hitman, so the poster above does nothing for me. It’s probably fine as a teaser poster, as long as it means something to people who actually know the game. But for the final posters I think they should keep in mind the need to interest people who are as clueless as me, but who might nevertheless enjoy the movie.

The poster comes via the TwitchFilm. Thanks to Andrew from Movie Patron for pointing it out to me.

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    its a good homage to the game, but its designed pretty terrible.

    chris on July 9th, 2007


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