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July 22nd, 2007 at 12:35 pm

D-War Character Posters

D-War Character Posters 1

TwitchFilm points out these four new character posters for Korean monster movie D-War. I covered posters for this movie previously here and here. Those older posters all focused on the giant snake attacking Los Angeles. The new posters expand the movies universe a little, showing new monsters and other settings beyond L.A.

The new posters are all very nice the monsters look good. My only problem with them is that they simply can’t match the coolness of the giant snake attacking L.A., which was a big part of what appealed to me in the previous posters.

Check out the rest of the posters after the jump.

D-War Character Posters 2
D-War Character Posters 3
D-War Character Posters 4

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