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September 28th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

New The Mist Movie Poster

in: Horror

The Mist Poster

I was divided about the first poster for The Mist. There were things I liked but I felt that the execution was lacking. Altough this new poster drops some of the interesting aspects of the first, I think it is, overall, a more successful effort.

The greatest achievement of the poster is that it manages to successfully make the mist seem like a palpable, oppressive and likely dangerous thing. A mist isn’t exactly the most scary monster in the world, so it takes some effort to achieve that. I also like that the poster gives us a sense that the characters are somewhat trapped, which I believe is consistent with the film’s story.

And yes, the poster does add a child, which is a very cheap way of raising the stakes. But hey, it kind of works.

(Via WorstPreviews)

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