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October 15th, 2007 at 7:29 pm

The Latest Fred Claus Poster

in: Comedy

Fred Claus Poster

I think I said what I had to say about the Fred Claus marketing campaign when I talked about the last poster. But I’ll just add that besides my already stated objections, I think this poster looks dull in a way that the previous ones didn’t. At least the ones that came before used some lively and warm colors.

(Via IMPAwards)

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    I like this. The elves were just creepy (Do I want to have elves on my head, or see a movie about a guy who does? I do not!), and the Big Wheel was confusing.

    For the title, this represents a breakthrough. This is a crystal-clear explication of the Santa’s-grungy-brother concept at last, suggesting fraternal teasing and delivering the Vince Vaughn we’ve come to know and love. I like the blue, too, it feels wintry at least.

    andrewTee on October 16th, 2007
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    [...] What I think is interesting about this one is that it’s more of a traditional pose for a buddy comedy, something that might be an attempt by WB to evoke all those Vince Vaughn buddy comedies of old, specifically Wedding Crashers. [via MPA] [...]


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