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October 23rd, 2007 at 10:30 pm

Second There Will Be Blood Poster

in: Drama

There Will be Blood Poster 2

Recently the posters for Knocked Up and for 40 year Old Virgin showed just how effective a close up of the main character can be. It’s a simple design, but one that, if done right, can communicate a lot about the movie and about why it is interesting.

In theory I think this type of poster would be excellent for There Will Be Blood, since the film is centered around the character of Daniel Day-Lewis, who supposedly gives a great performance. But this particular poster isn’t a very good execution of the concept. Too dark, and too much black space, which probably matches the movie’s serious tone, but also ends up obscuring the character’s face too much. And not the right facial expression. It just doesn’t leave a strong enough impression.

With some tweaking, this could become a great poster, but right now it’s very so-so. And not quite as appealing as the even simpler teaser poster, at least not to me.

I’m still madly looking forward to seeing the movie though.

(Via IMPAwards)

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    It’s not just the negative space that’s throwing it off, it’s the disconnect between the picture and the text. Why use red for the text and then use a picture that not only doesn’t have a hint of that color, but is dominated by cools? It just makes it seem like two halves of an idea.

    grumpymonkey on October 24th, 2007


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