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November 6th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

Jumper Poster

Jumper Poster

I actually still don’t know exactly what Jumper is about. I know there was a trailer, but I never got around to watching that. And every time I read something about the movie I tend to space out as I get to the plot description.

But thanks to this poster I know have an inkling of what the film’s premise is. And, more importantly, the image, coupled with the tagline, made me interested in it for the first time. “Anywhere is possible.” Yeah, I get the idea of why that might be cool.

Selling a movie that has a strange or unusual premise can be really hard. It’s often not enough to just convey what that premise is, which in itself can be tricky. You also have to convey to people why that premise is going to make for an interesting movie. Everyone understands the appeal of an whodunit movie. We have seen those. But with something like this? You have to show people.

In this case an image really is worth a thousand words, even tough the tagline is essential for the whole thing to work.

(Via JoBlo)

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    Yeah, I dig the font of the tagline above too.

    I wish the got rid of the extraneous text near the bottom though. It should just say, “Jumper” and get rid of the crap about Bourne and Smith.

    Andrew James on November 7th, 2007


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