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November 26th, 2007 at 5:55 pm

Posters for the Docs in the Academy’s Short List

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Last week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences revealed a shortlist of fifteen feature length docs that will compete for the five nominee spots in the Oscars’ feature-length documentary category. To help you put the name together with the face I compiled the posters for these docs.

Autism: The Musical (IMDb)

Autism: The Muscial

Body of War (IMDb)

Body of War Poster

For The Bible Tells Me So (IMDb)

For The Bible Tells Me So Poster

Lake of Fire (IMDb)

Lake of Fire Poster

Nanking (IMDb)

Nanking Poster 1
Nanking Poster 2

No End in Sight (IMDb)

No End In Sight Poster

Operation Homecoming – Writing the Wartime Experience (IMDb)

Operation Homecoming Poster

The Price of Sugar (IMDb)

The Price of Sugar Poster

The Rape of Europa (IMDb)

The Rape of Europa Poster

Sicko (IMDb)

Sicko Poster

War Dance (IMDb)

War Dance Poster

White Light/Black Rain (IMDb)

White Light Black Rain Poster


A Promise to the Dead: the Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman (IMDb)

A Promise to the Dead Poster (Big)

Thanks to the folks from White Pine Pictures for taking the time to point this one out to me.

I unfortunately couldn’t find posters for the following films: Please Vote For Me and Taxi to the Dark Side. If you know where I can find posters for them please let me know.

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    [...] has a good round-up of the posters for the 15 documentaries being considered for the five slots that lead to the selection of one [...]

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    the poster for A Promise to the Dead can be found on the website in the photo gallery.
    URL is: ttp://

    whitepinepictures on November 27th, 2007


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