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January 10th, 2008 at 8:50 pm

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Poster

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Poster

Even tough some recent films have had very good success with it in limited releases, I think that the whole 3D movie experience still faces some resistance, especially among the slightly older movie going set. This has a lot to do with what happened the last time we were seeing a tide of 3D movies. Let’s just say that the technology and the movie’s themselves weren’t quite up to the task (remember Friday the 13th 3D?).

Considering that troubling history you would imagine that new 3D movies would stay away from any type of cheesiness that could remind people of the 3D movies of yore. And yet, here is the poster for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, it it is riddled with all types dairy products. We have the very splashy, very bright, very unrealistic colors. The not at all lifelike dinosaurs and monster plants. The from inside the jaws perspective. The title with the fake 3D letters. Brendan Fraser. And above all, the prominent placement that ’3D’ gets in the image and in the title.

And yet, it’s a fun type of cheesy. The colors are fun, all the crazy creatures and visuals are fun and even Brendan Fraser looking all Indiana Jones like is kind of fun. And the film is obviously aimed at very young movie goers, who perhaps don’t have the prejudices that I and their parents have.

Still, I think this film will hit a little too early in this 3D renascence we are going through. If it’s release was a couple years from now when 3D films might be more mainstream it could be a monster hit. But in 2008? I don’t think so.

I wouldn’t be shocked if I was wrong tough. And I’m myself a little interested in seeing what the film will be like.

(Via Cinematical)

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    Can I lease this movie for Korean market

    Joseph Oh

    Joseph Oh on July 2nd, 2008
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    it is really exciting to watch 3d movies. i hope that there would be 3d sexy movies too.~..

    Morgan Palmer on June 20th, 2010
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    3d movies are so cool, i just wish that we could watch 3d movies on TV.”.

    Henry Barnes on August 22nd, 2010
  • 4

    of course 3d movies are cool too watch that is why we are developing 3d tvs today ,-.

    Share Quotes on December 3rd, 2010
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    Learn to spell ‘though’ – ‘Even tough some’ ‘I wouldn’t be shocked if I was wrong tough.’ That spelling ‘t-o-u-g-h’ is pronounced ‘tuff’!

    Claire on March 16th, 2011


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