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February 8th, 2008 at 9:08 pm

OneChanbara and Jack Brooks


Zombies are awesome. Cowgirl in a bikini? Also awesome. Samurai swords? Even more awesome. So a poster for a movie that combines all those things has to be almost incomprehensibly awesome, right?


As you can see above, that poster turns out to be rather dull. That image would probably make for a fine cover photo for Maxim or some other magazine like that, but as a movie poster it fails utterly. Where is the action? Where is the excitement? Where is the attitude? Where is the fun? Where is the camp?

And where are the heck are the zombies?

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Poster

If what you are looking for is trashy fun, I think that this poster for Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer does a much better job of delivering it. Sure it features a ripped guy front and center, and opinions will vary on whether this is better or worse than a girl in a bikini. But aside from that the poster is just so much more entertaining. Our hero is lively and seems like he is on the middle of some fierce action and not like he is safely posing for a photo shoot. We get to see the fearsome monsters. We get an amusing tagline. And we get Robert Englund’s knowing face in a corner!

Even the title treatment is a lot more exciting.

Now, of course both these films are likely to have limited appeal (at least in the U.S., I dunno about Japan, maybe they love monster fighting ex-plumbers over there). But at least with the one for Jack Brooks you can see why someone might find this fun to watch. With the one from Onechanbara you are left explaining to your family and friend that no, you are not interested in this just because you have a fetish for Japanese woman. You are interested in it because you think it would be cool to see some zombie slaying. Well, and because of the fetish.

(Poster for OneChanbara from GameWatch, found via Twitch. Poster for Jack Brooks from IMPAwards)

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    Cool movie. They should have picked a hotter lead though. Action was pretty good for a low budget movie.

    Jeff Stockton (Honolulu) on November 22nd, 2008


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