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February 24th, 2008 at 8:55 pm

And in a Few Hours, One of These Will Join That Big List

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No Country For Old Men

No Country for Old Men Poster

No Country for Old Men Poster

No Country for Old Men Poster 2No Country for Old Men Poster 3

The main poster for No Country has Llewelyn Moss running through the plains, holding a shotgun a a case full of money. Meanwhile Chigurh looms over him ghost like. It’s pretty faithful to the core of the film, but in the transition to the poster we lose both the amazing beauty of the landscape and a lot of the tension that is present in the actual movie. The result is, I think, just an okay poster.

The character banners are nice as a part of a larger campaign. But they just aren’t very special when taken by themselves.

There Will be Blood

There Will Be Blood Poster

There Will be Blood Poster 2

There Will be Blood started it’s poster campaign with a great teaser poster. But the rest of the campaign didn’t live up to that first effort. The focus has been on Day-Lewis, which is only fair since that is also the focus of the film. But none of the posters capture the intensity of Plainview. And once again the beautiful landscapes present in the movie don’t really translate well into the poster.


Atonement Poster

Atonement Character Poster (Keira)

Atonement Character Poster (Briony)
Atonement Character Poster (James)

The posters for Atonement are all very elegant and beautiful, and the main one captures a lot of what the film is about by having the two lovers separated, with Briony standing in the middle. But are they great, memorable posters? No. Although they are beautiful, they just aren’t unique enough to by anything much more than that.


Juno Poster

Quirky, unique and fun. Just like the actual film. I especially like the way the poster turn the stripes in Juno’s shirt into a strong visual element that serves as a sort of brand for the movie.

But I do think that the posters for Little Miss Sunshine had many of the same virtues, and were in fact a little better.

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton Poster

f they gave Oscars based on posters I think Michael Clayton would be the favorite.

Some people have criticized this poster for being too much like a book cover. Well, it does look like a book cover, a very good one, but I don’t think that is a problem. If anything it adds to the sense that this a serious, meaty movie. And beyond that this is a creative image, that manages to offer us a close up of Clooney without making the poster just another boring big head poster.

Is it a great, historic poster that could stand side by side with the best posters for best picture winners? No, but it is really good.

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  • 1

    just watched no country for old men, it’s unassumingly unconventional yet (thankfully) never over-the-top. the Coen bros. deserve their Oscars; well done indeed.

    patrick on March 11th, 2008
  • 2

    Watched Atonement not long ago

    was awsome

    was a bit confusing and a bit slow but once it got going was really good. I would recommend it for anyone who like’s history and twists

    Amy on April 1st, 2008
  • 3

    I read a copy of Atonement last month with the movie poster on the cover (which I generally dislike, but it wasn’t my book so I don’t have a right to complain) and I slowly grew to hate it. For one thing, it doesn’t completely represent the story correctly; why is Cecelia languishing in a field of flowers while Robbie is off at war? And I don’t like the split. I think the way they did it looked pretty weird. Also, the Pride and Prejudice poster has the same sort of split thing going on. Must be a Joe Wright thing. :)

    Being a big fan of No Country for Old Men, though, I think those posters are pretty cool. Perhaps not great works of art, but visually appealing enough, and they go directly with the story, which gives them a bonus.

    Candace on May 6th, 2008
  • 4

    “For one thing, it doesn’t completely represent the story correctly; why is Cecelia languishing in a field of flowers while Robbie is off at war?”

    Ha, so right. Hadn’t noticed that before.

    Larking on May 7th, 2008
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