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April 16th, 2008 at 12:21 pm

More Posters from the Alamo Drafthouse

King Kong (Wes Winship)

A while back I mentioned the work of artist Tyler Stout, who often does movie posters for the Alamo Drafthouse for their especial screenings and festivals. But, as Swarez reminds us over at twitch, Stout isn’t the only one doing new posters for the Drafthouse. In fact they use an array of interesting artists to create posters for their many especial screenings.

And right now they are doing a series of screenings of classic Sci-Fi movies that has generated some great posters. Above you can see Wes Winship’s King Kong. Below we have Stout again, this time posterizing The Thing. Also Todd Slater’s Planet of the Apes and Jay Ryan’s 2001.

All these posters go on sale at Mondo Tees, but they are all limited editions. So limited that the King Kong and 2001 posters are already sold out and the other ones are likely to be gone soon. So I recommend being quick if you are at all interested.

The Thing (Tyler Stout)
Planet of the Apes (Todd Slater)
2001 (Jay Ryan)

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    I love old time posters! Unlike a lot of today’s posters they didn’t have all the high tech gear we have today to create great imagery effects and relied on illustrations, color, and dramatic text and copy to create a sense of the movie. I’m a bigger fan of b- movie posters on average but the Planet of the Apes poster has always been one of my favorites! Try and do alot of illustrative work in that vein myself! LOVE EM!

    Jay on April 23rd, 2008
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    [...] ein Kurzfilm von Black Magic Rollercoaster, der den ersten Platz im Alamo Drafthouse (die mit den fantastischen Filmpostern) Swede Contest gemacht hat. Und holy fuck, das Ding ist der völlige Hammer! Monster mit Schwertern [...]

    Beastmaster Jr. | I am Jeriko on January 21st, 2009


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