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June 3rd, 2008 at 12:20 am

Disaster Movie Poster

in: Comedy

Disaster Movie Poster

What are the chances that Disaster Movie will be better the its predecessors such as Meet the Spartans, Date Movie and Epic Movie? I’m guessing very low, based on the fact that it comes from the exact same people. But at least the poster for it is better.

The posters for the other something-something movies generally followed the same pattern: cramming as many of the movie’s characters and as many lame jokes as possible in one image. This, on the other hand, focuses on just one thing: the Statue of Liberty being submerged, but wearing the appropriate gear for such an event. And by focusing on just one joke from the movie the poster actually manages to be funny. Or at least amusing. And it also ends up working as a parody of the countless posters that featured a destroyed statue.

Of course, maybe that’s a bad thing. When talking about Meet the Spartans I mentioned that at least the poster showed quite clearly that the movie was not worth seeing. This lack that very useful characteristic.

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    Agreed that the movie will suck ass. But this poster makes me smile. Nice marketing.

    Andrew James on June 10th, 2008
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    [...] The second takes an almost directly inverse approach. None of the actors show up, just a striking, CGI filled image of a famous monument interacting with the film’s world. This too is a well known design choice. We saw similar things for example here. And of course here. [...]

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    aneka resep kue…

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    aneka resep kue on February 17th, 2015


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