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June 4th, 2008 at 11:34 pm

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Poster

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Poster

This poster fills me with questions. Like, are they really making a sequel to Madagascar? Did anybody like that enough for a sequel to be warranted? Hasn’t Pixar taught us that you don’t need to make a sequel for every middle of the road animation hit you have?

Many questions also abound about the poster. Foremost among them is “Are they really using a two to stand for to in the title?” and “Could they have come up with an uglier background? Do they actually think that is such a great catchphrase that they have to splatter it multiple times over the image?”.

Very uninspired poster, for what I fear might be a very uninspired movie. I simply having all the characters from you animation standing around is normal in animation posters, but even the first Madagascar still managed to create much more dynamic and interesting to look at images with this concept.

(Via Cinematical)

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