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June 11th, 2008 at 11:55 pm

The Waning Power of Robert DeNiro’s Mug

What Just Happened Poster

There was a point in time when seeing Robert DeNiro’s face on a poster meant something. The film might not be good but there would at least be some sparks. And the face itself would send thrills through your spine.

Looking at the above poster I’m mostly reminded of how long ago that was.

There have been so many posters, so many cheap exploitations of the classic roles, so much selling of the face to prop up crappy movies that by now seeing DeNiro in a poster probably means you don’t really want to see the movie. And that makes me sad.

But not quite depressed. No, there is still something there. It’s mostly hidden, but you can see it if you look closely. Some energy. Some intensity in the expression. And the hiding of the mouth helps to give the image, and the face, some power.

You want to know what is depressing? This is depressing:

Righteous Kill Poster

Remember when seeing these two together seemed like something amazing? Remember how the movie would unavoidably feel like something especial?

How far the mighty have fallen.

(Via Cinematical and JoBlo)

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