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November 6th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

Poor, Poor Earth

This new poster for Fuel reminds us of just how much poster designers love to mistreat our lovely planet.

Obviously the environmental documentary genre has been a boon to this type of poster. But it is not the only genre that employs it.

These are the few I could remember from the top of my head. Surely there are many more.

(Via WildAboutMovies and IMPAwards)

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    poor poor earth

    we have to take care of our earth as we take care of our self or others if we just care about the generation that i am going to live only. but the one the people comeing after me no big deal that is a very BIG BIG BIG mistake your ganna make so plz TAKE CARE OF OUR EARTH!!!!:)

    yazooy on February 21st, 2012


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