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December 2nd, 2008 at 10:02 pm

A Walk Down Memory Lane

in: Fantasy

This weekend I ended up watching a fair chunk of Krull, which reminded me of just how much I liked this one back when I was a child. A truly under appreciated gem of a fantasy movie if you ask me.

The posters, unfortunately, aren’t anything to write home about. Typical and uninspired eighties fair and one of a million posters for a sci-fi/fantasy movie menacingly showcasing a planet seen from space. The sheer inventiveness and wonder of the movie aren’t really captured in any of them.

But I’m feeling nostalgic enough to make me post the anyway.

(Posters via IMPAwards)

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    Well… it’s uber cheezy, but that’s actually what I like somehow.

    elend on December 3rd, 2008


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