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July 20th, 2011 at 12:09 pm

First The Hunger Games Poster

The Hunger Games Poster

[Motion poster placed below the fold, because it's noisy. The above is the very similar, but motionless teaser poster]

According to the press release this poster “really gives you a very FIRST glimpse at how the adaptation of the Suzanne Collin’s bestseller will be brought to life on the big screen!”. Well, that is one mighty fleeting glimpse. From that poster I can tell that the big screen adaptation will have motion, and not just static images. I think. They might have just added motion to the poster in order to make it one of those cool new motion posters.

That aside, it probably does what it is meant to do. It is a nice moving image that can be displayed around in order to remind/tell people that this is being turned into a movie, without actually showing anything about the movie. Good enough for a teaser, I guess.

I do wonder how pre-sold this movie is. Is this a Harry Potter/Twilight case where people already know the property and the most important task of the marketing is to reassure people that the work they love hasn’t been bastardized? Or is it important to sell the concept to a much wider array of people?

Either way, these posters are clearly geared towards the preexisting fan base. At this point in the campaign this is probably the right call either way. But I’m curious about how the marketing will evolve as we get closer to the release date.

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