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May 9th, 2012 at 11:42 am

The Possession Poster

in: Horror

One of the things that I like about Horror is that it’s one the few genres in which you still can see some crazy imagery in modern posters. Often, imagery that isn’t even directly present in the actual film! Like, they can create something that represents the idea behind the film, and not just what the film actually shows. Yay for a little space for imagination.

This isn’t necessarily the greatest example of that, but it’s still quite cool. And crazy. You have to to admit it is crazy. More crazy, please.

p.s.: I wonder if in the true story this movie is based on, the hand that comes out of the mouth of the girl had such long fingernails. Probably not, they always exaggerate a bit.


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    The Possession is on of the best horror movie.

    Deon Narine on September 21st, 2013


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